Advanced EKG Board Certification Exam for Physicians

This exam was developed specifically for Physicians reading on hospital EKG panels, Emergency Department Physicians responsible for emergency cardiology cases, and makes a great preparation for Cardiology Fellows preparing for their Cardiology Boards Exams hosted by the American Board of Internal Medicine. 

Ideal for Medical Professors teaching in Cardiology Fellowship Programs, Physician Assistants, and Cardiac Nurse Practitioners working in Cardiology arenas. 

Advanced EKG Board Certification Study List Master Study List and Diagnostic Sheet Used in Actual Exam

Pay Online Below with your credit card using a secure network, and then click on this Exam Application link; copy and paste in an email and answer the questions and send the email.  Exams cannot be processed if the Exam Application is not submitted as well as the payment.

Exam Cost:  $350

Benefits of Advanced EKG Certification:
  • Certified to Read EKGs on a Hospitals EKG Panel

  • Demonstrate Advanced EKG Reading Skills to Employers

  • Career Advancement 

  • Potential Income Incentives

Advanced EKG Exam Preparation:

The ABCM provides a list of items to study for the Advanced EKG Board Certification Exam and makes reading recommendations
of approved reference texts.

The ABCM provides an Advanced EKG Practice Course and Practice Exam for $149.95 on CD.  The answers are included. You will use the same Master Diagnostic List provided in this Course and Exam for the actual Advanced EKG Board Certification Exam.

Advanced EKG Exam Results:

After your exam is completed, the ABCM will grade and issue the results by email if provided, and then will send the results by mail within three weeks, of the exam date.  And to assist you with further study of Advanced Electrocardiography, the ABCM will analyze your exam and provide you a list of diagnoses that challenged. 

Sample Advanced Question: 


Test yourself to see if the Advanced EKG exam is the right level for you by providing a diagnosis for the arrhythmia in the EKG rhythm strip below, and then see the answer at the bottom of this page. If you did not get the answer right, you may want to consider the Emergency EKG Board Certification Exam instead of the Advanced EKG Board Certification Exam. 

 Advanced quiz

Advanced EKG Exam Locations:

The Advanced EKG Board Certification Exams are now available in your home town or city by proctor.  Since travel has become cost prohibitive for many, and time off next to impossible, the ABCM makes every effort to ensure this vital certification exam is readily available in your own Hospital or facility.  

Advanced EKG Prep Courses Available:

If you are interested in hosting an advanced EKG Prep Course, we recommend you contact the Marriott Heart Foundation who will help you plan any level of EKG course and work with you to bring the exams to your doorstep. To start the process call: (352)293-3131 or email:

Why Become Certified in Advanced Electrocardiography:

Most importantly is that physician’s need to demonstrate professional accountability in their everyday practice which includes reading complicated EKGs.

In this day of high litigation, employment shifting, and Joint Commission accountability, these Exams are a perfect way to assess EKG reading skills of all physicians on your hospital EKG panel and your Emergency Physicians receiving cardiac patients with complicated cardiac arrhythmias.

And, since the electrocardiogram is the single most used test in cardiology, the least expensive, yet the most often misinterpreted, there has never been a greater need for standardization of this important diagnostic tool.  Prove to yourself and your colleagues that you have achieved proficiency reading at the advanced level, by taking the ABCM's Advanced EKG Board Certification Exam.

Several thousand Physicians, Nurses and Technicians on an International scale have demonstrated their proficiency by passing one or more of the ABCM's EKG Board Certification Exams.

Advanced EKG Awards Certificate: 

The ABCM issues Advanced EKG Awards and Certificates to those achieving a 70% or higher score on the Exams.  These frameable Awards Certificates are good for a three-year renewable period with proof of 30 continuing medical education hours in electrocardiography every three years, and by paying the renewal fee of $125 USD.     

History and the Need:

One of our Founders, Dr. Henry J. L. Marriott developed the first Advanced EKG Panel Reader’s Exam in 1969.  Dr. Marriott personally assisted us in developing a new Advanced Certification Exam in 1992.  Prior to these developments, there was no standard with which to measure the competency of a physician whose professional role demands s/he be proficient in reading electrocardiograms both simple and complex.

At about the same time, the Marriott Heart Foundation, under the direction of the late Dr. Henry Marriott, and Jonni Cooper expanded the EKG Exam service to meet the needs of five levels of cardiovascular professionals to include physician's assistants, nurse practitioners, cardiac nurses, and technicians.  They later turned the exams over to the American Board of Cardiovascular Medicine for delivery and management.   

Answer to Sample Advanced Question:

There is AV dissociation present due to AV block and sinus tachycardia, with (possibly two) ventricular capture beats in a patient with acute inferior infarction.  At this level, the mechanisms causing dissociation should be understood, and captures (beats 4 and possibly 5) should be recognized by the shortening of the ventricular cycle.